Become a GoLang Blockchain Developer

Advance your career by learning how to program decentralized, distributed programs!


To stay upgraded. Software evolves. Monoliths helped digitalize small businesses. Microservices scaled corporate software. Blockchain solves corporate corruption and empowers individuals and peer-to-peer, transparent relations.


By following our step-by-step tutorials you will learn how to write blockchain programs in Go from scratch efficiently and pragmatically.

You will strength your programming skills by learning advanced topics such as hashing, encryption, p2p communication, parallelism, concurrency, distributed messaging and how to develop and query a decentralized database!

After you finish GophersLand courses, you will be able to build real-world blockchain applications of tomorrow.

You will have the opportunity to transition your career and harvest all the benefits of being a high demanded blockchain developer in a new, well-paid market comparing to decades-old Java/PHP market with thousands of underpaid engineers.

When I will be able to apply all this knowledge?

Right away. In software world all skills are connected. Learning blockchain development and GoLang will also improve your general programming skills appliable as well in traditional development of monoliths and microservices even before your transition to a blockchain career. Win, Win.

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