Long time ago,

in 2009, when developers were writing sequentially executable programs organized into Monoliths and measuring their wealth in Euros. A witch mixed 3 complex elements, C++, Java and Python, in order to create the world’s first true hybrid. The fastest, the most performant, the most opinionated while cutest creature that ever walked the Unix systems.

Gopher speaking its own language but surprisingly understandable by strangers, nowadays known as GoLang, began to exist. Gopher shown extreme compatibility towards the environment from day 0. It was able to survive in its native environment without any virtual isolation spell.

The witch designed him well.

witch summoning gopher

At the beginning

only very few knew about its existence but Gopher didn’t care about the fame. The witch had a vision of developers getting tired of easily deployable monolithic applications connected to optimized MySQL databases. She knew a new era of software applications was coming upon us. An era of distributed and decentralised computing.

So Gopher had been patiently waiting for the time to come and when it does, it will be ready to help. It woke up every morning, drunk its coffee, patiently practiced its skills in the forest next to a village nowadays known by investors as Silicon Valley and forked itself each night.

The time came

and the Gopher is ready to fulfill its ultimate dream. To change the way the world writes memory heavy, parallel and concurrent software, by leveraging its sharpest weapons: Goroutines && Channels.

superman gopher

Welcome to Gophersland School


A kingdom where Gophers of all kind live in peace, share, educate and develop HQ pragmatic, idiomatic GoLang software.

If you, perhaps, feel like one of us, crawing the GoLang knowledge, choose your character and join our majestic community!

Fare thee well

Writing complex software pragmatically


Is Go an Object Oriented language? - GophersLand - Medium

The first technical GophersLand article is dedicated to a slightly opinionated topic but an important one. Soon after you write your first Go program, you will start thinking about how to organise your code. Should I write a Function? Should I create a new Struct? Eventually it all comes to the same question.

What will be your character?

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