Are you an experienced Gopher? Would you like to produce content, share knowledge, become the Magister of Goroutines?

What is GophersLand

A kingdom where Gophers of all kind live in peace, share, educate and develop HQ pragmatic, idiomatic GoLang software.

Our main mission is to encapsulate all the possible knowledge a Go developer of any level of skill (new/advanced/senior) may need under one roof in a pragmatic and honest manner by growing a collaborative community where every Citizen improves each other.

We are looking for more content producers!


  • Are you excited about Go?
  • Do yo like to review code, discuss best practices, pragmatic software and look for the most appropriate solutions?
  • Would you like to reverse engineer some popular Go project/tool such as Buffalo, gRPC and write about your findings?
  • Do you like to invest time going deep into topics and mastering them?
  • Would you like to share your knowledge and the reversed-engineered findings with rest of the GophersLand citizens?


  • Good feeling by growing Go community
  • Access to thousands of knowledge-hungry Gophers
  • Improved skills, the best way to master something is by teaching
  • All Magisters (content producers, teachers) are cross-reviewing each other's work to deliver HQ content, peer feedback useful for any experienced Gopher
  • Portion of total profit generated by GophersLand for exceptional content on monthly basis
  • Metallica level fame, more or less


I would really love to but I am not sure if I have enough time!

Don't worry! That's the beauty of collaborating in a community. You don't have to make a whole brand new course on a specific topic yourself!

The content of GophersLand libraries is a result of a collaborative approach! We don't want you to burn out! Instead, we make sure every Magister contributes with the knowledge and time he is comfortable with and eventually it will all compound!

I would really love to but I am not sure if I have enough skills!

Look, nobody smart felt from heaven. Or how now people call it, Cloud. Try, do your best and you will see.

How much money can I earn by contributing?

75% of our content will be FREE!

Our main goal is to grow a community as a whole, educate the developers and ourselves.

All the profit for premium 25% of the content will be invested back into the school, students, organizing conferences and rest will be fairly divided between all school's Magisters based on the contribution effort.

PS: The main idea is to help developers, to improve the Go skills of our Citizens as well as our Magisters, not to earn money! ;)

We are looking forward to our concurrent, parallel collaboration dear Gopher!

Get started now!

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