Night Elf

Build your first TodoList smart decentralized application in Solidity connected to your own, fully synced blockchain node, from SCRATCH!

I want to become an Ethereum blockchain developer

The character's missions

Night Elf character is the base stepping stone towards learning how the Go-ethereum codebase responsible for signing transactions using the Go Crypto package work, how the blocks are stored in the file system and many more advanced concepts.

Why stepping stone?

Because in order to learn all the advanced Go magic (NEXT CHARACTER in GophersLand, stay tuned), you first need to understand the Ethereum ecosystem itself.

You need to learn how smart contracts work.

You need to learn how to write them using the programming language Solidity.

You need to learn blockchain concepts such as transaction, block, gas and all the other glossary.

You need to learn how the Ethereum blockchain client Geth (Go binary) can be used to boot your own blockchain node in order to communicate with the rest of the network and to have access to the network history.

And that's exactly what Night Elf character was made for.

Character requirements

The course is designed in a way, no prior blockchain, neither GoLang knowledge is required!

We will go from basics and learn the theory on the fly as we progress through the mission. The only thing you will need is a Linux/Mac OS and basic programming experience in languages such as PHP/Java/Python/Ruby or Javascript.

As a Night Elf you will

  • understand the blockchain glossary
  • understand the blockchain advantages and limitations
  • understand Ethereum ecosystem, its tools, frameworks, websites, explorers, wallets
  • have the ability to control all the tools
  • have the ability to setup your own Ethereum blockchain node and be part of a decentralized network
  • have the ability to create, secure, store and control Ethereum accounts manually as well as automatically using software Wallets
  • have the ability to execute blockchain transactions and move funds around the network
  • have the know-how of Solidity programming language
  • have the know-how of programming new decentralized programs that can not be shut down by anyone else than YOU
  • have the know-how of debugging failed programs
  • have the perfect localhost and cloud environment setup for developing blockchain applications on Ethereum network efficiently

Why to learn blockchain technology?

Before I became a blockchain developer at Lighstreams, I was doing a web development for 7 years. I built monoliths, distributed systems (microservices) and looking for new challenges and the technology tomorrow's recruiters will be asking about, I discovered the beauty and complexity of the blockchain technology and its advantages.

Blockchain developers:

  1. Can work on the newest tech and interesting problems, business ideas
  2. Can explore programming without a centralized MySQL database from a completely different perspective
  3. Are highly remunerated
  4. Are highly demanded on the market

PS: All code execution will only happen on a testing network, you do not have to buy any cryptocurrency! GophersLand is only concerned about the geeky technology ;)

Class Curriculum

  About Ethereum
Available in days
days after you enroll
  How to transfer funds to another account
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Congrats, You are a blockchain developer!
Available in days
days after you enroll

Your Instructor

Gopher Lukas
Gopher Lukas

Passionate about reverse engineering complex GoLang projects and sharing the analysis in simple words with GophersLand community.

Blockchain Engineer at Lightstreams.

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