Access to kingdom free libraries regularly updated with latest GoLang tutorials, cheatsheets, analysis and benchmarks.

GophersLand is a kingdom where Gophers of all kind live in peace, share, educate and develop HQ pragmatic, idiomatic GoLang software.

Each Citizen will be invited to town's libraries that gets regularly updated with latest GoLang tutorials, cheatsheets, analysis, benchmarks and various other kingdom's celebrations and events.

By joining GophersLand you will:

  • learn how to write HQ pragmatic, idiomatic GoLang software
  • learn how to implement powerful GoLang concurrency patterns and others
  • learn how complex, famous open-sourced GoLang projects work behind the scenes such as gRPC, Buffalo and others!
  • get access to sufficient enough theory to understand the fundamentals of various complicated topics such as encodings, hashing, ciphers, parallelism, concurrency and countless more in order to implement them in GoLang for solving real business, human pain points
  • meet new Gophers, make friends
  • most importantly, you will become an honorable citizen of our community covered with love, treated with respect

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A Gophers community of all kind from all over the world living in peace, sharing and educating each other with a solid single purpose.

Unravel design choices by reverse engineering with us!

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