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  Receiving transaction of 8ETH from the Ethereum foundation for FREE

Checking account balance

Let's make sure our account balance is 0 first, unless someone already managed to send some Ether out of her/his good heart.

Geth provides a Javascript console that can be attached to the executable binary for interacting with the blockchain conveniently. We can connect to it by specifying a socket file that is exposed once Geth boots up. Socket files are very useful for "inter process communication on the same machine", aka IPC.

You can locate this file in the the default data directory while the Geth program is running:

Let's interact with the Rinkeby network using the "geth attach" cmd in another terminal while your blockchain node is running. Make sure to pass the absolute path to the IPC file otherwise you will get an error.

Query blockchain:

eth.accounts: to check your currently available accounts

eth.syncing: to make sure our state, DB is fully up to date with rest of the network to ensure the getBalance response will be based on the latest state

eth.getBalance("<your address>"): to query the DB.

Receiving transaction of 8ETH from the Ethereum foundation for FREE

The Ethereum foundation has a very neat program called "Faucet" available online for assigning Ether to accounts requesting it in real-time.

Requesting Ether:

  1. Publish your account address on one of the public social networks
  2. E.g, post a tweet containing your Ethereum address anywhere in the tweet like this one, make sure you tag @gophersland and let us know if you like the tutorial!
  3. Open and paste the tweet URL
  4. Click on "Give me Ether", choose between 3, 7.5 or 18.75 Ether
  5. Wait few seconds
  6. Query your account balance again


You are rich... in a test network. Congratulation for getting so far. More content coming soon!

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